Rustic Antique Red Full Rope Top Lawn Edging 10 Pack (6m)

Rustic Antique Red Full Rope Top Lawn Edging 10 Pack (6m) is part of Rustic lawn Edging – This rustic antique red full rope top edging is the perfect border for a classic garden setting Full rope designs are a classic style of lawn edging that keeps materials separate and tidy whilst offering a sleek finishing touch to your garden The edging stands against the circumference of your lawn or flower bed to create a seamless, elegant border Features Classic design The antique rope design is a classic, simple lawn edging design that brings your lawn and flowerbeds alive Versatile A classic rope design complements any area of a garden, including lawns, flowerbeds, ponds and gravelled patches Specifications Height 14½cm Individual Length 60cm Collective Length 6m Alternative Sizes and Packs Pack Quantity Price Total Length > Single Pack 60cm (23½in) > 2 Pack 1 2m (47¼in) > 5 Pack 3m (9¾ft) > 10 Pack 6m (19¾ft) > 20 Pack 12m (39¼ft)

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